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How To Enter

  • First pay the Membership fee to become a 'SoSoStar Member' to Enter the Contest.

  • Create your reel and post it with the hashtag #SosostarIndia by tagging SoSoStar's Instagram account. Reel must be created and posted during time period in which contest is live.

  • Submit your entry by filling out the Contest Joining form.

  • Please note that your content should be original and your presence is a must in your reel content to qualify for winnings. You must not use content which is not owned by you.

  • Now you can share your reel with your friends and family as much so you can get more points. (No paid views, likes and comments will be considered.)

  • Your reel performance will be measured during 1 Week time period.

  • The contest will end in 1 Week.

  • Results will be announced within 3 Hours as the contest ends.

  • Please note your entry will be disqualified if you have more than 9K followers and if you have used plagiarized content.

  • Your entry will be disqualified if you have used any paid method to increase your points.

  • Your entry will be disqualified if you have submitted your entry with existing/old reel .

  • TDS will be deducted from prize money for prizes more than Ten Thousand Rupees.

  • Residents of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim are not eligible to enter into the contest due to respective state laws.

  • All the contestant's age should be 18 or above 18.

Winner of the contest is decided by using following point system. The point system is based on how well contestant's content is performing.

  • A+2B+5C= Total Score.

  • Where, 'A' is Number of 'Unique Views', 'B' is Number of 'Likes' and 'C' is Number of 'Comments'.


  • Please note that Paid/Promoted Views, likes, commented will not be considered.

  • In case of tie of scores the winner of tie will be chosen in following priority:

  •       Views Score > Likes Score > Comments score.

  • If still tie is not broken the prize will be divided among users scoring the same scores.  ​

Please note that SoSoStar ( SS Enterprise) Reserves all rights regarding this contest.

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